Theory Test

Although you have to pass your theory test before taking your practical test, it is recommended you have some practical driving experience before you take it. The theory test is a multiple choice test of fifty questions carried out on a computer. You will have a time span of 57 minutes in which to answer these questions by using a touch screen. The pass mark is 43/50. The hazard perception part of the theory test is carried out on a computer and your response is measured by clicking the mouse. You will be shown fourteen clips of everyday road scenes and it will be your task to spot the developing hazards. The pass mark is 44/75. There are many books, CD’s and DVD’s available on the current market, for example ‘The Highway Code’ and ‘The Official Theory Test CDROM’ as well as multiple choice example questions which are available to practise online. The theory test can be booked online or by telephone and current prices and test availability can be found on the DSA official website. The theory test centres are at Worthing, Portsmouth and Fareham. We can help you prepare for your theory test and take you to the test centre, as part of a lesson, if required.

We now offer theory test lessons. The lessons are run on a 1-2-1 basis. Lessons take place in car and use computers and or books to help you. Lessons are taliored to you and the questions you are stuck on.

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