Practical Test

Before taking your driving test, you must already hold a Theory Test Pass Certificate. You should also have completed a detailed, continuous course of driving lessons with a DSA approved driving instructor and when possible, private practise. Only then, will you be ready to seriously think about your practical test. Your instructor will probably have conducted a mock test to measure your abilities and after careful discussion you can then book your practical test online or by telephone. Between you and your instructor you will then plan a course of lessons in preparation for your practical driving test, including learning the ‘show me tell me’ questions. (These are available from your instructor and online). On the day of your test, the examiner will check your relevant documentation and then begin your test. Your test will be carried out in four stages.

Stage One: Your eyesight will be checked

Stage Two: You will be asked two ‘show me tell me’ questions

Stage Three: You will drive for approximately 40 minutes

Stage Four: You will return to the test centre and be de-briefed on your result
Chris teaching

Any other questions relating to either the theory or practical test will be answered in detail by your DSA approved driving instructor.

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